3M’s U of M alumni group collaborates with U for talk on process systems

Monday, April 15, 2019 - 3:19am

Lunch event features expert speaker from the U’s College of Science & Engineering

Nearly 50 3M employees attended a lunch held on the 3M campus on March 13, where U of M assistant professor Qi Zhang, Ph.D., from the Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, spoke. His presentation focused on advanced decision making in the design and operation of complex process systems.

Developing models and tools to improve decision making: Zhang gave a brief overview of his research in process systems engineering, which integrates chemical engineering and operations research, with a goal of developing mathematical models and computational tools to improve decision making.

His current work focuses on the design and operation of sustainable processes, advanced manufacturing, supply chain optimization, data-driven discovery, and decision making under uncertainty. Zhang detailed some examples where the research can be applied.

UM alumni at 3M: 3M alumni regularly host speakers from the U on the 3M campus. All 3M employees are invited to attend.

Photo: University of Minnesota Alumni Association.



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