U of M’s Eos II completes World Solar Challenge

Solar Car Australia
Solar Car normalizing its array

Eos II stopping to recharge. Students took breaks on the 1,800 journey to normalize the car's array, which significantly increases the car's battery power.

Solar Car Australia
Solar Car Australia
Solar car array

Eos II's array is made up of cells that are encapsulated by Solar Vehicle Project students with the help of 3M engineers. This process protects the cells with a film that prevents scratching and increases the amount of sunlight they can absorb.

Eos II interior

The interior of Eos II, a cruiser car built for comfort and utility.

The University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project (SVP) team’s newest solar-powered car, Eos II, was one of five vehicles in its class to finish the week-long 1,800-mile Bridgestone World Solar Challenge across the Australian Outback, held October 7-13.

The U of M team was one of 42 groups from around the world to compete in the challenge. Teams competed in three categories—challenger, cruiser, and adventure.

Eos II ran in the cruiser class, the category for cars that are efficient and comfortable enough to one day serve a mass market. Of the 13 cars entered in that class, only five made it to the finish line.

The U’s SVP team posted updates throughout the challenge on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, they created a video to thank 3M specifically for its mentorship, guidance, and financial backing in the building and preparation of Eos II.



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