3M employees connect with Carlson School faculty
September 20, 2018

Symposia offer expert talks on business management

The 3M Corporate Alumni Chapter regularly invites Carlson School of Management faculty to speak at 3M. The events are open to all 3M employees.

One such gathering, the second annual Carlson School Day at 3M, was hosted by the 3M Corporate Alumni Chapter in May at the 3M Innovation Center. More than 100 employees attended. 3M’s John Lindekugel, senior VP of business development and marketing-sales, welcomed Carlson School faculty and leaders to the half-day symposium.

Speakers and topics: Carlson School update
Dean Sri Zaheer (pictured above)
“Little Things that Matter: Economic Engineering via Analytics”
Associate Dean Alok Gupta
“Barriers to Innovation: Internal and External”
Professor Mary Benner
“Costs of Decision Making for Wisdom, Leadership, and Control”
Professor Kathleen Vohs
Coming up: a November 7 presentation will feature Carlson School marketing professor Joe Redden
Photo: Carlson School of Management


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