3M-funded Centennial Scholars Program helps diversify student body and future workforce
November 1, 2021

In 2021, with support from 3M and 14 other generous donors, the Centennial Scholars Program publicly launched. The $50 million scholarship program positions the Carlson School of Management to make tremendous strides in building a more diverse student body who will transform the business community for the better.


Created on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Carlson School of Management, the Centennial Scholars Program aims to change the way in which the school recruits students.

The Centennial Scholarship, which is awarded to some 30 new recipients each year, supports both undergraduate and graduate students. It is renewable for up to four years for undergraduate recipients and for the duration of a graduate recipient’s study. It also includes the added benefits of leadership development training and a stipend for studying abroad. Of the 34 inaugural recipients named in 2020-2021, 73% were women and nearly 40% were students of color.

“Thanks to our most ardent supporters, we will be able to compete for promising students from different backgrounds and significantly grow our capacity to deliver a diverse and globally prepared workforce,” said Sri Zaheer, dean of the Carlson School. “As we move into our second century of business education, it is imperative that we produce leaders who will boost economic vitality, improve quality of life, and champion the discovery of positive solutions, here in Minnesota and around the world.”

By the numbers: the Centennial Scholars Program
15 Centennial Founders
$50 million+ committed by Centennial Founders
34 inaugural scholarship recipients
73% of inaugural recipients self-identified as female
39% of inaugural recipients self-identified as students of color

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