3M Korea visit adds new energy to U of M / 3M partnership
May 2, 2023

The University of Minnesota and 3M partnership includes many points of connection and collaboration, both locally and far beyond. Last month, this partnership became even stronger when leaders from the U of M and 3M Korea came together during a U of M delegation trip to Seoul. 

During the visit, which was hosted by U of M alumnus and 3M Korea leader, Jim Falteisek, University of Minnesota President Joan T.A. Gabel and University of Minnesota Foundation President and CEO Kathy Schmidlkofer met with Falteisek and members of his leadership team to share updates and perspectives on 3M’s partnership with the University. Gabel and Schmidlkofer also had the honor of participating in a webcast with 3M Asia’s Women’s Leadership Forum, where they shared thoughts on leadership and resilience, and offered advice to young women beginning their careers. The visit underscores the global reach of both the University and 3M, and is a testament to the longstanding partnership between the two organizations. 

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