Leading the way towards a COVID-19 cure
July 1, 2020

Recently, 3M and the University of Minnesota joined forces in the fight against COVID-19 with 3M’s generous gift of $2 million in support of clinical trials.

This gift will help University researchers accelerate efforts to recruit clinical trial participants and increase capacity for clinical trials focused on stem cell therapy, antibody testing, and more. Recent examples of progress in these and other studies follow.

COVID-19 clinical trial progress at the University of Minnesota

A trial is launching that investigates ways to use the human body’s own NK cells (natural killer cells) to target COVID-19.

A trial focused on the readily available blood pressure medication, Losartan, is underway. U researchers are looking at whether Losartan reduces the severity of COVID-19 symptoms and improves outcomes in both hospitalized and outpatient participants.

An expanded trial is underway which investigates the use of the recently approved experimental Ebola drug remdesivir as a treatment for patients who are critically ill with COVID-19 in combination with an anti-inflammatory drug, baricitinib. The goal is to compare whether remdesivir alone or in combination with baricitinib has better outcomes for severely ill patients.

Researchers completed an initial study on the role of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine in preventing or reducing the severity of COVID-19. Results were released on June 3 and showed the drug does not prevent COVID-19. “While we are disappointed that this did not prevent COVID-19, we are pleased that we were able to provide a conclusive answer,” David Boulware, M.D., told the Star Tribune. “Our objective was to find an answer.” One additional hydroxychloroquine trial is in the analysis stage.

Thank you, 3M, for your remarkable partnership in the fight against COVID-19!

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